Do you want to discover your ancestors, solve a family mystery or retrieve a genealogy record?  Let the professional genealogists at help you.

Submit your genealogy objectives and one of our professional genealogists will evaluate your request and provide a free research plan and quote. can provide research anywhere in the United States and most European countries through our network of proven and trusted researchers. 

Our Project Managers will be your point of contact and in some cases perform your genealogy research themselves. We offer written reports with complete citations and copies of all records retrieved. Our pricing is very competitive.

Kathleen A. Kline, MSLS


Leonard Butts, PhD

  • Specializes in Southeastern U. S. and U.S. military research, as well as Colonial American Records
  • Was go-to researcher at for southern and military research.
  • 30 years of archival research 


Carole Murray

  • Specializes in New York and British family histories, as well as Jewish genealogy and WW2 Holocaust records
  • Minutes from Manhattan repositories 
  • 35 years of experience in genealogy
  • Was go-to researcher at for her ability to solve difficult cases