Genealogy Products/Pricing

How our process works:

Upon receiving your genealogy inquiries and goals, one of our expert genealogists will conduct initial research to determine if we can assist you, specifically if there are available record collections that align with your objectives.

We will supply a one-page written research plan along with a quotation. You will find our pricing very competitive. 

Occasionally, we may recommend commissioning us for a preliminary three hours of research, after which you can decide whether to proceed further.

Typically, research is finalized within two months. Should it require more time, for example, if acquiring the records takes longer than anticipated, we will inform you.

You will receive a comprehensive written report with citations and copies of all documents electronically. Should you prefer a printed report mailed to you, it is available for an additional fee.

While no genealogist can promise specific outcomes, we commit to our professional best. Generally, we do not undertake projects where we anticipate no new information can be provided.